Meet Lisa:
Part Marketing Expert, part Business Consultant, Lisa Wise is ready to help improve retail businesses in Western Canada one marketing-strategy at a time.

Fuelled by a passion to be part of transforming Western Canadian businesses into some of Canada’s best, she wants to help raise the bar for businesses selling to or servicing the end consumer.

She began her retail-focused career over 25 years ago and established Starfish Strategies in 2009 to help others add value to their business through marketing initiatives and smart strategy.

She brings expertise in Canadian retail, strategic marketing, business growth and a genuine love of the customer.

With decades of experience in all facets of retail gained from working with the award-winning retailer, Swimco; as well as serving for 14 years on the board of directors of one of Canada’s largest retail co-operatives, Calgary Co-op , she totally gets retail marketing. She has been a member of a TEC Canada Small Business group. Through her work with many different clients of Starfish, she has learned to hit the marketing-nail on the head so your business can achieve it’s goals.

Lisa is supported by a team of incredible people, ready to collaborate on your project. From digital marketers, to graphic designers, to market research experts – the Starfish Team is ready to help!

MBA, Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary
BA, University of Victoria

Favourite shopping style: buy it, wear it every day for 5 days and then…donate it.

Meet Lauryn:

d1ee91289f7f4730d75cb7455a708f17Lauryn specializes in extending a brand’s voice across many channels. She’s an expert at creating and launching digital campaigns for businesses and then diving in to help elevate results. She brings 10 years of marketing expertise.

With her constant love to create, she has experience in launching and operating her own juicery. She conceptualized all brand elements and brought the leading-edge brand to life in 2014. As well as spending her time squeezing lemons, and pressing apples, she was also the social media mastermind for lifestyle retailer, Swimco.

Always keen to develop her marketing knowledge, Lauryn is experienced in marketing strategy, digital marketing, email marketing, content creation and coordinating projects that add value to small businesses.

Lauryn has been known to work remotely from many amazing worldly locations including parts of Europe, beaches across the world and her real home, Calgary. She’s incredibly grateful to be collaborating to help amazing businesses achieve their goals.

BSc, Physical Geography with specialization in Climatology, University of Calgary

Favourite shopping style: Online shopping through an app. Apps make online shopping easily accessible and have a seamless checkout process. If you own a clothing store, I may be the reason your conversion rate has increased!Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 8.36.56 PM

Key Partner: First Page Solutions

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