What is Black Friday all About?

Black Friday has grown to be the unofficial kick-off to the holiday shopping season.  While it hasn’t always been that way in Canada, it dates all the way back to the early 1960’s in Philadelphia. Retailers at the time would offer discounts on the Friday after Thanksgiving, causing a horde of shoppers to descend from the suburbs into the city to take advantage of slashed prices. As shoppers flooded the city, traffic cops were required to work overtime to deal with the masses of discount-savvy shoppers. From that point on, the day after American Thanksgiving has been known as Black Friday.  For years after, retailers would even open their doors as early as 12 am to increase shopping hours and profits!

This major shopping day eventually caught on in Canada, and now Canadians take it as seriously as they take Boxing Day. Known as a one-day shopping event, Black Friday has now evolved to have sales start days in advance and extend into the weekend. The days of customers lining up outside stores to score deeply discounted items and exclusive sales for one day only is slowly going away.

As Black Friday continues to evolve, the ecommerce world has evolved right alongside with it.  What was once an exclusive Black Friday deal, is now a deal that many consumers expect to see carry through the weekend to the following Monday! Yep, that’s right, another day consumers expect to see deals. Cyber Monday deals are for online shoppers, and for the shoppers who just want to avoid the crowds and shop from the comforts of their own home.

With Black Friday approaching quickly, shoppers are starting to do their research and put their wish lists together. Now that you know what Black Friday is all about, ask yourself, is your company going to do something for Black Friday?

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