So you don’t know what to say in your blog?

Take it easy. The answer is in front of you.

Content marketing is so important in today’s digital world that having a blog or an e-newsletter is necessary for most organizations. Some of us liked high school English class but many of us just tried to coast through never imaging that one day you might have “write blog posts” added to your job task list.

This is not English class. Think of a blog post like a conversation that you might have with one of your customers if he or she were standing in your store. Try these things below to fabricate an imaginary conversation with a customer. Use contents of that imaginary chat to give you an idea for your 200 – 250 word blog post.

Your customer walks in and asks you about why product ______ is important.

She walks in and says, “What is the latest trend in product category _____.”

He strolls up to you and wants to know the story behind a particular brand you sell.

A customer inquires about how to care for product _____ after she buys it.

He says, “Tell me a little bit about who owns this company.”

IF this doesn’t help, take a visit to your store floor and chat with 3 customers right now to see what intrigues them about your products or service.

Collect your answers to your imaginary conversation and put them into a 200-250 word summary written in language that you would use to speak with your customers. And just like that, you found something to write about.

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