Is a marketing strategy necessary?


Not really.

You can run a business for decades without a marketing strategy.

You can also run a marathon on the wrong road.

Without a conscious decision to create your own marketing strategy, your daily actions and the decisions of others in your company, form your strategy. By default, everything you do, becomes your strategy.  It’s one method of doing marketing that works for some.

We suggest you consider another method. Take the time out of your daily duties to work on your marketing strategy. Your business will thank you because when you have a smart plan, your business begins to run on the right road, making all your efforts so much more worthwhile.

Plan your target market. Do some research to ensure you are on track. Establish your brand character. Define it. Live it. Be aware of your pricing & promotional strategy and stick to it.  Laser in on your relevant key messages and share them relentlessly.  Stick to your knitting and stick to running on the right road.

It’s better when you have a marketing strategy.

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