Digital marketing is more than social media

So often when we meet with clients and we discuss what they are doing for digital marketing, they reply with something like, “Yeah, we know we need to do more with social media.”

What does digital marketing mean to you?

To us, it is the way people interact with one another using today’s technology and digitally-based pathways of communication…. digital communication is part of our daily life.  So digital marketing is everything that is related to how people communicate, using technology.  So, that’s a lot.

Consider how your business communicates in these areas:

* Social media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc)  * SEO online search ranking * AdWords and other online advertising * retargeting * email campaigns * websites including mobile * podcasts * streaming audio * text messages * digital brochures * in-store video loops and more!

Digital marketing is just another set of pathways to communicate and share your brand message with your customers. Successful digital marketing is just like successful traditional marketing: it is most important to have a relevant and valuable message for customers. Digital is a new set of communication pathways.

Content is still king.

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